The thick fog

….of the past few days finally broke yesterday. It was wonderful to walk in – wet and heavy, and surreal to drive in. The peninsula felt invisible, and driving through the fog felt as if I was just floating out above the land somehow.

Zero visibility at the landing led me to listen – and oh! What sounds! It seems long since I’ve heard the gentle slapping of the water against the land, sloshing water again after so much ice, and I recall the constant and rhythmic sounds of water when I lived on the estate.  The distant buoy bell sounds louder in dense fog, as if it were working harder, more intensely. I stood and listened, and took deep breaths. Time stretched out, standing there in the fog, alone with the water and the bell.

The ice shapes sloshed against one another, a never-ending fluid movement. Some gulls sat on them, moving up and down. Later, the fog lifted – I noticed it when I was at Pot Pie Farm – it lifted in one instant – here now, and then – poof! My neighbor Martha said that the fog lifted off the land, and slid out over the water as if two distinct days were present at the same time – one foggy, one clear.

I had another great visit at Pot Pie, planning and collaborating with Carol. Her friendship is dear. We see such a similar big picture, she and I – and although neither of us are sure how to get there, I think we help each other move ahead towards it, nudging it along. This time, we did it over buckwheat crepes – filled with leeks, bacon and some fantastic earthy and delicious cheese from Piazza in Easton (field trip there soon). Again – YUM.

As far as food goes, I’ve had this desire for rolled things ever since the beginning of the year. It started with the all the galumpki, I guess – last fall. Spring rolls for New Years, cinnamon rolls, doughy things, these recent filled pastas, the rolled smoked goose bites, pounded and filled meats, burritos, etc.  I keep thinking about all of these stuffed and rolled things and have to wonder…..what’s up? Am I “stuffing” something in my life? Am I wanting to wrap something up? A desire to make something complete? That sounds about right, but now, at four am, it’s all a fuzz. I can honestly say that I am ready for this horrible sciatica, this burning pain in my lower back and leg to just END. I am scheduled for pain management shots in Annapolis on Friday and I can hardly imagine trudging through the next 28 hours for the moment of magic that I await. The pain fog will lift, and maybe I too will hear the sound of my own buoy bell – my real self – ringing back to me clearly, fogless, pain-free again at last. (please!)

Hey pain – stuff YOU!


~ by kbosin on February 3, 2011.

4 Responses to “The thick fog”

  1. I hear something today about Chinese New Year and a tradition is a wrapped food item to symbolize gifts, maybe all the stuffed items are really gifts for the coming year?

  2. Good luck w/ new pain treatment today!

    Man, that crepe looks yummy…

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