Duck Duck Goose….Turkey?

The turkeys are back! Anyone driving on this peninsula knows exactly what I’m talking about. There is a flock of some 40 turkeys on Rt. 33 up near Easton which had been visible most days when you drive by, ever since I got here. But they’ve not been seen all winter – till now! THERE they are!

Not so incidentally, Duck Duck Goose is also the name of the Eastern Shore Brewery’s fantastic stout. Go visit their tasting room in St. Michaels and try some! Or easier yet – go look at your local grocery – you can find Eastern Shore Brewery’s fine products all over the peninsula!

~ by kbosin on February 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Duck Duck Goose….Turkey?”

  1. And the food-themed posts continue! I think you just listed the main ingredients for a turducken.

    Alright, objection sustained: technically it would be a turgooduck.

    Ummm… turgooduck… yummy!

  2. beautiful watercolor… carries the blue from teh photo

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