One year ago today….

….we had a huge snowstorm – 20 inches? Something like that. I drove halfway to Ocean City, then chickened out, turned around and came home – missing Johnny Oyster Seed at the Waterman’s Convention. I freaked out around Vienna, on Rt. 50, when traffic was crawling about a mile an hour and nobody could see a thing.  We were living on the estate then, and if I hadn’t turned around that morning, it may have been days before I got back home at all. The lane on the estate was three-quarters of a mile long – Kevin worked for 4 body-and-mind-numbing days to try to open it with the tractor. Wrong tool for the job, but he got an A+ for effort. The snow was magnificent, and I was surprised at how quickly I’d get tired walking in it. A walk from the farmhouse up to the Big House was maybe – a third of a mile – and it was tough going! But absolutely stunning, everywhere.

When I was looking back in the photo folders, I found a whole set of sunrise photos from two years ago today – what a special place that was to see the sun come up every day. I can still feel it, smell it there, remember the constant sound of water rolling up against the rock shoreline. We enjoyed every single one of those 500-some sunrises immensely.

And this year, today, Feb. 6th, we have sunny skies and temps around 40. Lots of folks out walking and bicycles going by. One can imagine spring being right around the corner. Had a nice walk and am cooking a big ham for the Superbowl parties this evening. Not that I care about football, but I’ve got 15 bucks on the board at the Carpenter Street Tavern and I feel like a winner today….

~ by kbosin on February 6, 2011.

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