Use beet juice for WHAT?

For road de-icing.  There’s a great article in the Bay Journal about how some Pennsylvania municipalities are considering using a product made from the juice of sugar beets to combine with salt to pre-treat icy roads in winter. It seems that the juice helps the salt to adhere to the road’s surface, thereby reducing the number of applications of salt a road needs. Read the article here – 

Wow. I always wondered about how the salts and chemicals used for de-icing roads and especially bridges, impacts the Bay.  With a winter like this one, imagine how many tons of salt and chemicals have washed into storm water systems up and down the East Coast. Sara Kaplaniak, the author of the article, also suggests using birdseed on your sidewalks after snow as a green alternative to chemical products. That’s a great idea…..a sweet alternative. Here’s a photo of sugar beets.

Every single time I pick up the Bay Journal, I find at least ten things that are fascinating – what a great publication. Rona Kobell’s series on aquaculture is outstanding, Tom Horton writes in there too. You can read it online or get in the mail. Free. Fantastic stuff!

~ by kbosin on February 7, 2011.

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