Here’s a reason to go to your 30th high school reunion….

…. you just might find that those old friends you had back then are as great as you remember. Kevin went to his high school reunion last fall, and reconnected with Cathy and Jeff – pals from so long ago. And re-connected as though they had been friends all along. Wonderful! We visited them in Gettysburg, and they just came down and spent the weekend here with us – so fun! Of course, we spent time at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum…

We went to Marco’s, St. Michaels’ newest restaurant – they advertise both asian and italian specialties. Hmm. Big menu. The sushi was good, and I was super excited about having pho on a menu in my little town on the eastern shore!

…… and I’m going to reserve judgment on this one for now.  I did eat every single little bit of it.  I’m going to give Marco’s a few more tries – they have a lot going on in there, and the sushi we had on Friday was quite good. 

Of course, we had to have a cold beer at Carpenter Street Tavern.

And go look at some oyster Revolutions:

And we had lots of hours of great conversation and fun. It’s fantastic to re-unite with friends from long ago. So, when you see that invitation for the high school reunion, think about those cool friends you hung out with in junior year…….. it could well be that you’ll enjoy them as much now as you did then. Thanks, guys! Come back soon!

~ by kbosin on February 13, 2011.

2 Responses to “Here’s a reason to go to your 30th high school reunion….”

  1. I can almost taste that beer perched on the window sill… nice pic!

  2. Soup looks good enough to eat with a fork…

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