Rolled, filled food of the week

…..this is the extra cracked pepper pasta dough from Valentine’s Day, that’s been refrigerated for 2 days.  I sautéed half a pound of chopped mushrooms, some garlic, one chopped leek, and after that was cooked, I added about 2 cups of  shredded spinach leaves. Mixed it up, added a quarter cup bread crumbs, salt, pepper and fresh oregano, thyme, two eggs, some nutmeg and a half pound of ricotta. That’s the filling.

I rolled out the pasta to number 5, then cut into rectangles, added filling, rolled them up and put them in a greased baking dish. When it was full, I made a sauce of 2 cups of canned, diced tomatoes in the blender with a quarter cup of cream. Poured it on top of the rolled pasta (had extra sauce left over). Baked 350, 30 minutes. YUM. The preparation (since the dough was already in the frig) was minimal – whole meal made in an hour (baking included).

Compared to the first tortellini a few weeks back ? 100% better, smoother dough, I started adding olive oil, sometimes a little water to the egg/flour mix. I’m getting good at this! Ready for pierogies – Polacks, get ready to unite!

~ by kbosin on February 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Rolled, filled food of the week”

  1. YUM! And I was already missing all those good Italian restaurants in STL, we do not have many around Qtown and what is here does not compare to them. I would say you should start a restaurant but NO! I love your life and your writings and beautiful pictures about it, keep entertaining and informing. 🙂

    • Julia, you are doing far more healthy things (like erging and ballroom dancing) than making OR eating rolled, filled foods. Good for you. Definitely sounds better……thanks so much for your comment!

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