Eagles, vultures and osprey – with updates and a link to live eagles!

Honest,  I was lying in bed this morning, and saw a large shape fly past the window, and started thinking about the visual differences between bald eagles, vultures and the osprey that are now leaving their winter homes to come back up here for the summer. Lying there, I was imagining what the three look like, flying – from our perspective below, and was considering looking for some pix on the internet.

So, I get up and all that, and bringing my coffee to my work station, pop open the camera to look at yesterday’s pix. And look what I found. I had forgotten that I DID stop on that country road yesterday when I saw an eagle zooming, jumped out of the car (forgot to put the parking brake on, and just left it drifting in the middle of the road) while I followed the few birds with my camera.

And indeed – I have one shot that is exactly what I was thinking about, and would only be improved by the addition of an osprey in the same frame. But they’re not here yet (3 more weeks), so let’s just look at this one.

The eagle was doing some magnificent acrobatics, and I so wished that I had that fantastic camera with the great lenses that I got to use when I lived on the estate.

And who knows……maybe I will get one image with all 3 birds in it this year. There certainly are enough vultures around, and eagles. And once March 19th comes and goes, the osprey will be all over the place. Maybe even now, someone south of us will have a chance to see all 3 in one image. Maybe my pal Guy in northern Georgia, will look up one day in his yard, see all 3, grab his camera and send the shot our way. If he does……I’ll post it here.

In the meantime – our friend Johnny Oyster Seed offers us two important things this morning – first, he sighted the first osprey of the year yesterday, near his home on the western shore of the Chesapeake, near St. Leonard. Second, he offers us a link to the baby eaglets on a live web-cam at Blackwater National Wildlife reserve in Dorchester County, just south of us here about a half hour. A fantastic national treasure, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge deserves a couple of day trips and blog posts soon. Here’s a link to their eagle-cam – thanks Johnny!


~ by kbosin on February 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “Eagles, vultures and osprey – with updates and a link to live eagles!”

  1. Just yesterday I saw an osprey at Chez Johnny, so it would seem they’ve arrived early this year.

    Oh yeah, and seeing lots of crocuses (croci?) in bloom, too.

  2. Did you know that eagle eggs are hatching already? Check out the live-feed EagleCam at Blackwater NWR!

    EagleCam link


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