Oh deer, what happened here?

You might think to mention to me, politely, as I know you would, that some of this could be described as ridiculously inconsistent – me celebrating the chicken cooked a thousand ways, but unable to watch the muskrat skinning, and clearly uncomfortable with the unlucky deer leg above, found lying beside our country road yesterday.

Inconsistent indeed. A product of our culture and time, I suppose. Let’s see…..it’s not uncomfortable to rip a little chicken body up into a hundred tiny pieces – perhaps because it is familiar and a known thing. But the muskrat skinning was honestly shocking and I could not watch it. And when Carol invited me, not so long ago, to participate/watch an actual slaughter of chickens and turkeys on the farm, I slithered away. Gosh……….. no thanks. No Michael Pollan, me. More a farm enthusiast, than a farmer inside of me, when it comes to animals.

Oh, but sure, I’ll eat it.

Sounds crazy? Maybe to a farmer. And such is our modern world, because I suspect that I’m not so alone in my inconsistencies. Growing up in the suburbs, meat always came packaged, and although I’ve found myself living on farms in Nebraska and in Maryland – the grocery trip always covered any animal products. 

But meat is different. Little living bodies. Furry ones. Why? We could blame Walt Disney, who showed us all how much we have in common with animals. Or we could blame our times, which have mechanized and industrialized our food to the point that most of us don’t recognize it when it plops in front of us, unless it IS in a little plastic package. Intellectually, I can see all this, and even talk about it. But…….action wise?

Me? I’d like to venture robustly into this unknown, but……later, maybe. Maybe next year.

We could even talk about it over some beer and crabs, where I’ll gladly rip THOSE little bodies apart with reckless abandon. Heck, I’d even be joyful about it. Explain THAT.

~ by kbosin on March 2, 2011.

7 Responses to “Oh deer, what happened here?”

  1. It’s what we grew up with. I couldn’t watch the skinning and yet helped my dad when he came home with a deer and we had to butcher it. And about crabs??? I think they were just put here on earth to enjoy. And they get really cranky about it, don’t they.

    • It’s interesting. We are so far removed from our food anymore. And yes – I agree, crabs could easily have been put on this earth for our enjoyment, it sure seems that way. Thanks Gail!

  2. Roadkill is guilt-free… and it doesn’t get any cheaper!

    Just don’t tell your guests.

    Unless they’re rednecks.

  3. OMG, I do believe there is a story about Jonny and roadkill….I seem to recall something…of course, being Jonny, I think he might have considered it recycling. Reduce/Reuse!

  4. Kathy, you’ve got an open invitation here at Pot Pie for harvesting chickens or eating crabs, whatever you choose.

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