First local osprey sighted yesterday, 3-3-11

…. by one T. Allen, sighted flying over Dixon Creek, just outside of Easton yesterday at 4:15pm. (Thanks Nancy and Herman!)

And I wonder if we would have had a first sighting right here in Mayberry, had our neighbor at the landing not passed away two weeks ago. Nancy was the long-time local first reporter of osprey in this small town….and as we welcome back the osprey, we’ll think of her.

And, indeed! Welcome back, osprey! Another sure sign of spring. Here is a photo from National Geographic, since I cannot for the life of me, find any of the dozens of great osprey images in my hard drive. Hel-lo! Get those pictures organized, KB!

These birds have been traveling for a long time, to return here to their summer home. Coming from Brazil, Venezuela – they have been flying for a solid month, some 3500 miles, straight north. Imagine the sights they’ve seen. Think about the last time you had a month long trip (though probably not traveling under your own wing power).

Here’s a link to a cool Ohio Dept of Natural Resources site that shows a tracked osprey spring migration in 2007 – an osprey from Ohio, tracked to and from Brazil:

These birds surely are pretty tired by now. Welcome home, take a rest, build a nest, or use the one you’ve been using for years. It’s waiting for you, a little ragged, periodically borrowed by others, but definitely belonging to you.

~ by kbosin on March 4, 2011.

6 Responses to “First local osprey sighted yesterday, 3-3-11”

  1. Great post K! I love the picture at the end with the little bird in the osprey nest. I’ll have to walk down to the beach later and see if ours are back too. C’mon spring!!!

  2. did not know they travelled from Venezuela … wish they could have brought some Polar beer back with them! It’s my favorite.

    • Julia, we’ll have to work a deal with them next spring…..get your order in early….and now, I’ll have to try Polar beer – it sounds very cold. And I’m sure delicious. And I’m sure you can only drink so many and still fit in that ballroom gown…..

  3. a deal like that might make them very rich birds … they will not import it into the states. not sure whether it was a Venezuelan issue or US issue but some silly thing . Had it when I was in one of the ABC islands years ago. Do let me know if you ever find it here anywhere. and speaking of dance …
    Come watch me dance sometime!!! Washington Open is last weekend in April in Tysons Corner. I will be dancing my usual ballroom and Jim and I will compete in a group dance(chacha) as one of six couples. You know you want to see that!!!

  4. Whoa!!!! Great shot!!

    • Yeah, indeed. But did you see the National Geographic credit? The image is not mine. But an awesome shot – even more out there – wow. Love the osprey! Here’s hoping spring comes soon to Kansas City……..

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