Sowing spring’s seeds on a rainy day in the greenhouse

Lucky me spends a few hours in the greenhouse on the estate this weekend, filling peat pots, and sowing dozens of varieties – tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cukes, leeks, lettuce, squash……. We review last year’s figs, the apples and peach trees, pear and grapes, freshly pruned. Recalling great peppers and sick tomatoes, fantastic beets but disappointing carrots; lessons from last year get all mixed up in memory’s pea soup of garden success and failures of the past. Examining the raspberry beds, which produce a gigantic volume of berries, spots are found for six new plants. Seed starting mix gets pitted against potting soil for a lettuce experiment, and everything lines up neat as nellie.

The greenhouse heater kicks on, and the earth scent deepens……… The hose POP!s and mist rises slowly. Always remembering my grandparents in gardens and in spring, I dig my fingers deep into soil and wonder….. Nana?………Pa?….are you feeling this here? Another new year!

I take big, giant gulps of wet air and taste the future. Crunch.

~ by kbosin on March 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Sowing spring’s seeds on a rainy day in the greenhouse”

  1. This post = perfection!

  2. I agree! and oh, the Nana and Pa reference!! I think of Pa all the time, at least – well ok, not once a day but several times a week. And always at certain times – when going for walks, when working in the yard, when sitting in the sunshine. Miss him so. And Nana, with her room full of plants even at the end. And their garden…

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