It’s the Crabcake ROUNDUP! #1

Welcome to the 2011 Crabcake ROUNDUP! The goal here is to eat and evaluate as many crabcakes as this foodshed wants to offer us. For me, the gold standard comes from Stoney’s – on the western shore of the Bay. But it’s been a while, so let’s start over. We’ll be tasting as many crabcakes as we can, and posting favorites right here. I’ve no interest in raining on anyone’s parade so if it’s not good, you won’t read about it here, but I will tabulate an official list, maybe even with a map and directions. If you have a crabcake anywhere that you’d like to toss into our ROUNDUP, send me pix and a summary, and we’ll post it here. All crabcakes are welcome, from any of the 7 seas.

Round One – Big Fish Grill, Rehoboth Beach, DE.

Two crabcakes, sautéed spinach and Neva’s potatoes (yum). $22. Quite good. I liked the crisp outside, the shape and size. Some large chunks of crab, though not as chunky as I’d have liked. A little bit holding it all together. Fresh taste, moist center. Great meal. On a scale of 1 – 10 (one being bad, ten being out-of-this-world-fantastic), these get an 8. If you were having supper at Big Fish, I’d probably recommend some of the fish dishes over the crabcakes –  their fish has been consistently outstanding (10, 10, 10!) over the past ten (?) years – since they opened.

This Crabcake ROUNDUP is excellent fun already.

Big Fish Grill –

~ by kbosin on March 15, 2011.

9 Responses to “It’s the Crabcake ROUNDUP! #1”

  1. crabcakes! one of the few things I like about this place! nom nom nom!

  2. Hey, 8 our of 10 is not too shabby! I agree, Stoney’s are the best I’ve ever had. You’ll have to pop over to my side of the bay soon and have some (and I can join you!)

  3. Who is this Su Crutchfield on my side of the bay and why don’t I know her? are you holding out friends on me? Hmmph!

    Try the Pier/Kingfishers – better yet, let’s try it in a month when we can sample out on the deck! Give ol Clarke’s Landing a try, even though they have pissed me off the last few times I have been there. I’ve heard tell about some good crabcakes down long about Ridge, MD….

    • You’ll meet her and love her – she’s in twin beaches. Thanks for the suggestions – they all should be tried and tested. It’s a new year……………..let’s do it. And I used to love Clarke’s Landing crabcakes. Let’s go.

  4. I’m looking forward to “on deck” eating also. Waaay down here by us we have a place called Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant on the Potomac. Looks like a little dump of a place but I like their fish tacos. Has little bits of breaded fried rockfish inside with shredded cabbage and some kind of sauce. Dang, hungry again now.

  5. those fish tacos sound like the ones we eat in Nags Head! shredded cabbage and a white sauce? not super spicy, more cucumbery? Yum! now I have to google Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant and see where it is!

    • Fish tacos! Love’ em….. and we’re hoping that Gina’s, the new Mexican restaurant coming soon in St. Michaels, will have some too. But until then, let’s go check out Tim’s Rivershore Restaurant – thanks Julia! Hey sis – time for a road trip….

      • come by the house and see the wooden row boat jim has built then we will go to Tim’s Rivershore!

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