What does Della wear?

Well, this time of year, lower, slower Delaware is still covered with snow geese – beautiful!

Fantastic, large migrating groups. I only see them on the eastern side of the Delmarva peninsula – never on the Maryland side. It seems that the snow geese follow an eastern path, even on our skinny little peninsula – a tight migration path south from the center of Delmarva to the east. Looking from a distance like tundra swans, but with black wing tips and an obvious goose-like head shape, their numbers are decreasing fairly dramatically, according to my Dad who has lived down here for some 12 years.

What else is Della wearing? Well….more birds…..these more numerous, but far less fortunate than their migrating cousins……….chickens…..remember? Billions of pounds of them, AND of course – their associated waste:

We smelled these trucks as they went by………as we were leaving a restaurant………after a chicken dinner (really)……. and followed the truck to the Mountaire plant – the end of their short, chemically enhanced, crowded, miserable lives. 

Can you say mega agribusiness and its associated legal/political maneuverings benefitting itself?

Or just – Jobs Jobs Jobs for Delmarva…….

The EPA attributes a full 25% of the Chesapeake Bay’s pollution to animal waste from our region’s CAFOS (concentrated animal feed operations). 

Our friend Della? She is wearing a heckuva lot of chicken shit.

But don’t ask me. Ask the 57 senior scientists and policymakers who are trying to show us what’s going on – http://www.bayactionplan.com

~ by kbosin on March 16, 2011.

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  1. What did Delaware?
    Idaho… Al’asker.

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