And the winner……..

….(the winner of the new name for Mayberry’s olde Methodist church recently purchased by the community and re-purposed as a community center/post office)………..drum roll, please…….IS:

Claiborne Village Hall

Chosen by democratic vote (well, only one vote per person, as far as I could tell)  by Claiborne residents. Ballots were passed out at Saturday evening’s pot luck at said Village Hall. It was sweet. You could vote for 3 – and there was a list of some 20 names that basically sounded the same……… Claiborne Community Center, Claiborne Hall, Village Community Center, Claiborne Ferry Hall, Claiborne Center, Village Community whatever. Variations on the same theme. Judy Harrald was collector of the votes because it was agreed that she would be honest and wouldn’t cheat…..and when I asked her, she nodded solemnly in agreement.

Here it is – our new Claiborne Village Hall, owned by the community association recently designated a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Toss your donations into the hat, because some extensive renovations are required, and then let the recitals, cooking club, writers group, band practices, tango lessons, book clubs, TEDTalks, slide shows, whatEVER – begin.

~ by kbosin on March 21, 2011.

3 Responses to “And the winner……..”

  1. And you are right next door, I LOVE that! yoga classes, Mandarin Chinese, master gardening program, yay! The picture of everyone eating looks like one of our Lutheran Potlucks. Love the potluck. Love you!

  2. Great name for a great building!

    Is there a bell? Can I ring it?

  3. Next party is May Day and you’re both invited. Expect a maypole and a neighborhood parade…….

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