Crabcake ROUNDUP # 2 – Jake’s

I’m putting a hold on this crabcake ROUNDUP thing until we start getting some local crab. That’s the excuse I’m going to give Jake’s Seafood in  Rehoboth Beach, DE.

A few weeks ago, I bought some crab from my local seafood outlet, and it was from Venezuela! Wha??????  Crabs are not here yet – the season opens on April 1st. We know the little guys are furiously swimming up the Bay, using those powerful backfins to push, sideways, hundreds of miles through the water to settle into local waters. They’re coming.

But, they weren’t at Jake’s this weekend, that’s for sure. A popular Rehoboth Beach Restaurant, I always heard they had good crabcakes. Not so much this weekend.

The main positive was that it did consist of big chunks of crab. But maybe it’s from some other country, like Venezuela, because taste wise, it just wasn’t even worth ranking. I expected that blue crab from southern states would be as good as blue crab here, but maybe not.

It could well be that doing a crabcake ROUNDUP in March is like doing a tomato taste test in March – just plain dumb. Maybe we all just gotta wait, for crabcakes, tomatoes, sweet corn. OK. Fair enough. As a gardener, you’d think I’d know that.

Because of the season, Jake gets a pass on this one. But I doubt I’ll be running back anytime soon for a second try when the season hits. I’ll be heading straight to Stoneys in Calvert County.

I want a good crabcake. Bad.

~ by kbosin on March 29, 2011.

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