The last of March

….brings warm (hot!) days and snow too. It’s a season for preparation, for getting ready as things burst forth.  Walks in the woods show both winter and spring, sharing space and time.

And after all my talk about not eating tomatoes or crab in March, look what I found in Pot Pie’s greenhouse yesterday:

RIPE sungold tomatoes. And ooooohhh, were they delicious. We forget what a homegrown tomato tastes like this time of year. But pop one in your mouth, and memory strikes a loud chorus. Fantastic.

Driving near Centreville, a large farm is ringed with forsythia – offering us a terrific example of a landscape solution for both privacy and planting underneath telephone & electric lines. We have this same problem at our cabin in PA – we’d like to plant a screen to hide the view of the road, but overhead lines prevent any tree plantings. But look at this forsythia – growing 12 ft tall and wide, it covers beautifully in the growing seasons, and will never reach the lines. Perfect solution.

Harvesting chives and thyme from last years’ plants up against the shed, I notice tarragon, bright green in the garden. Greenhouse seedlings emerge and grow quickly with the increasing daylength. We have 100% germination on the estate, and Carol is growing cotton.

I notice increasing numbers of bicyclists riding through Mayberry – with its public landing and big Bay views, it’s a great bicycle destination. Weekends are bringing more visitors to our region, biking, sitting, walking the streets of St. Michaels.

Inch by inch, moment by moment….. spring arrives. Yesterday’s Star Democrat had an article about how all of the migrating geese are gone by now – and I hardly noticed them leaving this year. An osprey flew over me yesterday, dragging a 3 foot long stick. The shad have moved through, migrating up the Bay to their freshwater spawning grounds.  Birdsong is louder and richer each day. This is it.

~ by kbosin on March 30, 2011.

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