…. today, right out in the suburbs of Mayberry. It was great fun to meet Christy and George, and watch their sheep being shorn this afternoon. These sheep are prizewinners, and you could easily see why – fantastic fleeces – thick, dense, waxy with lanolin. Even now, hours after washing them, my hands feel wonderful from handling the fleece.

Meet Emily Chamelin, 20-something professional sheep shearer from Westminster – yes, you go to school for this. She was something – super strong, quick, confident, charming and fun to watch.  Here is her website – http://chamelinshearing.com

The shorn fleeces get sold, straightaway. They average between 6 and 10 pounds, and their color varies as much as each individual sheep does – this one is from an older sheep – they turn gray just like we do.

Gentle creatures, the sheep seemed to not mind the shearing at all. Perhaps it was Emily’s expert touch, but I was surprised to see how easily they dropped into her arms, submitting and looking pretty relaxed. Afterwards, there was some jumping around and head butting. You’d have to expect that this might be the most exciting day of the year for these gals. And we watched the miniature donkey watch us – awwwww….really cute. His job is security – protects the sheep from fox, coyote and dogs. How cool is that? A guard donkey!

~ by kbosin on March 31, 2011.

One Response to “Fleeced…..”

  1. This entry brings to mind one of my favorite raunchy jokes…

    One day, Dr. Doolittle pays a surprise visit to a local farm and asks to have a conversation about the farmer’s treatment of his pigs, cows, and sheep. But the surprising twist is, rather than speaking with the farmer, Doolittle demands to speak to the animals themselves. In response, the farmer exclaims: “Well, Dr. Doolittle, I’ve no problem with you conversing with my pigs and cows, but just keep in mind – the sheep are all liars!”

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