Fresh today at Pot Pie Farm…..homemade lemon curd

So quick and simple! And dense, sour-sweet and luscious. We ate it on thick slices of whole wheat toast from Jimmy Reynold’s Magnolia Bread Company, with espresso. Oh yeah.

It was super simple to make – ready?

1 cup fresh lemon juice (maybe 6 lemons, 7? If you let them sit for a week or more, they get juicier.)

1 & 1/3 cups sugar

4 farm fresh eggs (thank you Pot Pie Farm), whisked

1 & 3/4 cup butter, cubed

Dump lemon juice and sugar in double boiler, melt. Add eggs, use wire whisk to keep it moving. Add butter. Stir slowly till it thickens. Pull it off the heat and cool before you store. You can freeze this.

Simple and divine. Use it as you would any savory sauce – fantastic on toast or muffins. Drop a dollop on hot roasted asparagus. Or fish. You choose. YUM.

And – the extraordinary color of this lemon curd is absolutely due to the fantastic deep yellow/orange Pot Pie Farm eggs. If you haven’t had them yet, it’s time to come to Talbot County for a visit.

~ by kbosin on April 5, 2011.

4 Responses to “Fresh today at Pot Pie Farm…..homemade lemon curd”

  1. That would be really, really good as the filling for a coconut cake!

    • Ahhh…..I think CakeMan is working on a special coconut cake for you, LJ. He’s got a recipe and a plan, gotta live up to his nickname.

  2. I LOVE lemon curd (well really, lemon anything!) and I am definitely going to try to make it. My uncle has a farm on this side of the bay where I get gorgeous eggs as well.

  3. […] with the best view ever. That well equipped kitchen, where we’d chop and chat and cook and create. That long bench and side tables, filled with every kind of deliciousness over countless potluck […]

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