What would you do with this cool commercial building?

I love stuff like this. LOVE IT.  Oh, maybe it’s because this is the kind of stuff we buy. It looks so familiar!

OK, I can’t help but see this as a cool mixed food/drink/art scene/event space. You’d set up a show, an event, a happening here. Weekends mostly.

Kevin says – “This should be a serious Mexican dance hall, with sawdust on the floor, and the sign out front would be the Wyoming cowboy on his bronco buc.  I’d get big country western rock bands to play here. This is Big Ol’ Roadhouse – where people put on their cowboy hats and their frilly cowgirl shirts. I’ll sell PBR, Budweiser and Jack Daniels. Oh, and a mechanical bull and a punching bag machine.”

This is where I say – “Gosh, really? Nowadays, do people LIKE that?”

Kevin: “F, yeah, this is a cowboy town, it’ll go over big. All these watermen? They’re present day cowboys.”

Me: “Hmmm. I dunno.” This is EASTON.

Regardless? I love that he loves it, cuz I love it. 

I guess the real deal is that we’re a good match.

~ by kbosin on April 6, 2011.

4 Responses to “What would you do with this cool commercial building?”

  1. Mark was just saying earlier this week he’d like to start up a little honky tonk with sawdust floors. He thought a burlesque show would be a nice addition, too. I’ll let him know you’ve found the perfect space.

  2. Burlesque absolutely – you’ve got the idea, pardner!

  3. And don’t forget to scatter several “watering troughs” around the place… I’m talking about those big galvanized wash tubs, piled high with ice and beer, and tended by cute wimmen folk.

    You got your island bar in the middle of the joint, supported by no fewer than 6 watering troughs – one placed just beyond the entrance, one outside of the restrooms, and 4 more in the corners (for the shy and/or lazy).

  4. Hi Kathy,

    I work with Kathy Mc. I was the one she purchased the picture of the Hawk from.

    I like your idea of an Art space; perhaps a gallery and a large studio in side.

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