Yesss! Pot Pie Farm is offering a CSA this year!

And YOU can get “A Piece of the Pie”! (if you live near us in Talbot County).

But here’s the main point. This is not just any kind of regular CSA, where you get a bag of greens, some tomatoes and basil week after week in the summer. This is Carol Bean, and you’re going to get a whole lot more. Food. Not just vegetables, but real food.

Carol has been talking about a Community Supported Fishery since the day I met her, and with this CSA venture, she’s stepping out in that direction. So – in addition to microgreens, delicious, nutritious eggs and chemical-free veggies, you can expect seafood once in a while too – crabs, soft shell crabs, clams, oysters, perch, etc. You’ll take home value-added food products like homemade pasta, radish/garlic butter, rockfish cakes, even some of that lemon curd we made last week. A creative and thoughtful cook, Carol’s CSA offering is going to give you some solid, fresh, seasonal, local menu starts. She’ll include recipes and her new website will link you to every delicious menu out there. From that point, stroll around the farmer’s market whenever you wish, and add other local, tasty additions.

With a “Piece Of the Pie”, you’re going to reap what Carol’s sowing, and let me tell you……..this gal thinks about food all day long. We’re in for a treat.

$30/week, for 22 weeks. Email OR – call 410-829-1829. Tell Carol you read about it here.

This is great news, friends. Sign me up!

~ by kbosin on April 9, 2011.

6 Responses to “Yesss! Pot Pie Farm is offering a CSA this year!”

  1. Does she deliver to St. Louis??? Sounds wonderful!

  2. Oh man, that sounds absolutely WONDERFUL! I wish it was closer. When I come to visit you this spring I’d love to see the farm and meet Carol.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this, Kathy. You are too kind, if such a thing is possible. Your pictures were a trip down memory lane. What a great year we had together at Pot Pie. Can’t wait to see what kinds of memories we’ll create this season!

  4. Man, I wish she delivered too. I know you love Pot Pie Farm and going there to hang out with your (very cute) friend. I’m with Su, when I come visit, I wanna go to Pot Pie farm!

  5. Amazing. We picked up our first CSA basket last Saturday, and have thoroughly enjoyed everything. Fresh spinach, eggs, homemade lemon curd, micro greens, radishes, green onions, garlic chive, and green onion butter. To top off the experience, there was a bouquet of purple iris and white peonies! What a treat to enjoy the fresh, organic selections all week. For dinner tonight, we placed one of the fresh eggs in a brioche roll with garlic chive sprinkles, and served with steamed spinach and spring onions. Just decadent. Thanks so much to Pot Pie Farms for such a joy. We cannot wait until this Saturday. Did I mention the recipes too. Couldn’t be better…

  6. […] summer picnics, St. Michaels FRESHFARM market fundraisers, pig roasts, egg packing and the home of Carol’s CSA. Thursdays, CSA shareholders trickle in and out, arriving to share the bounty (and now the loss) of […]

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