Return of purple martins and buttercups…..and what about morels?

The migrants roll back in and life pops from the soggy earth like a surprise. We welcome back the sweeping, cheeping martins on the landing – “yip yip yip”  swooping us in large circles. And when the sun emerged after the rain, wham! Buttercups everywhere!

Opening a window in the bedroom last night, the sweet nighttime peepers and throaty hoots led to morning’s mockingbird with a microphone – it seemed. She went OFF this morning, or maybe it was just the open window. Over the weekend, I noticed the quiet in our little town, and on Saturday morning, I heard neither a person nor a car until after ten. Then – someone started a lawnmower, and memory rocketed me back to every summer of my life. The simple sound of a lawnmower – such a powerful trigger, and the wafting scent of cut grass surely took me back decades in three seconds.

I walked a lot this weekend, and noticed. So much to notice.

I’m reminded of these early warm and wet April days in the midwest when – say, 40 minutes after the sun appears after a long rain, in the vicinity of maple and osage orange trees – morels! Very secret locations, except for the newbies jumping around – “look! look! Here they are!” That part always cracked me up. So much for secrecy. Are there morels around here? Hmm…..the internet says yes! And it also says that May is the month. Here’s a great resource for morels anywhere in the country – And here’s my best morel recipe – saute gently in butter. That’s it. No need for anything else, just savor that earthy flavor. Oh, boy.

~ by kbosin on April 11, 2011.

4 Responses to “Return of purple martins and buttercups…..and what about morels?”

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely! I adore that you take us on your charming little jaunts.

  2. me, too.

  3. ahhhhhhhhhh! Love the signs of spring…makes me happy!

  4. Yes! I’m glad, because I love it too.

    CORRECTION – they’re not purple martins, they’re barn swallows, and they’re not buttercups, they’re something else. Thanks Alice and Bill, for the right info!

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