“Pizza. Prosecco. Outside. You in?”

 …..said the text message. O yea.

And we baked them in the outdoor oven and ate them, and drank it, and I played a “concentration” game with a super smart seven year old. 3 times. Of course, she won them all.

Another lovely evening in Mayberry, each pizza even more delicious than the previous one. And the last one had freshly cut brand spanking new asparagus. The sun set slow and low and the cherry tree out front was in full, delicious bloom. Yeah.

Thanks, friends!

~ by kbosin on April 16, 2011.

3 Responses to ““Pizza. Prosecco. Outside. You in?””

  1. Sounds like a perfect evening!!!!!!!!

  2. O yea is right!

  3. That is some awesome looking zah!

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