Pork in the Park

Honest, that’s the name of this 8th annual Kansas City BBQ Society championship event – Pork in the Park. And boy, was there some pork in Salisbury’s Winterplace Park this weekend! The event claims 142 BBQ competitor teams, and in recent years over 35,000 chow-down attendees, making it the 2nd largest Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) Competition in the nation. Competitors slice and chop and sizzle and grill up beef, chicken, turkey and pork – whole hogs – and compete with each other for a share of the $19,000 in cash prizes. $19,000! This is a serious festival. Too bad the weather stunk on Friday and Saturday. I got there on Sunday, and spent the day on behalf of the College Savings Plans of Maryland, and still found some time to walk around the festival and eat some BBQ.

There were queens and beauty pageant winners, each sweeter and more pleasant than the last. There were sandwiches, platters, “vegetables” (cauliflower and broccoli underneath that fried batter) and the Smith Island Cake Company made tiny little piggy cupcakes.

….and wait a minute…..hot dog casserole????? What’s THAT? “Aww, c’mere, baby, come try some”. It’s a bowl of cut up hot dogs, beans, corn and grilled onions. I didn’t try it (I was afraid I might like it), but it was a big hit.

The sun came out on Sunday afternoon, and throngs visited, eating, drinking (there were as many beer and wine tents as there were food), music and dancing (“…..every lady here’s a brick house, now git on up here now and shake it!”), children and babies and Pecan Yummies and at the end of the day, some local church was passing out fake money with damning messages on the back – (“Are you going to heaven? or NOT.”) Yes, indeed – with the possible exception of the vegans and the health-kickers and marathon runners, the entire community was represented. And after spending 7 hours there, I can say that the logo is a perfect description – this is indeed what it looked like.

Whoa, Delmarva.

~ by kbosin on April 19, 2011.

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