Anybody else sneezing yet?

Our house on the Mississippi river bluff was surrounded by six mature oaks, 4 white oaks and 2 reds. Because of that, it had the most wonderful, centering, solid energy of any house I know – it felt incredible to be inside that house. But for about three weeks in April – aaaaaCHOOO! The oak pollen poured in through the window screens, landing on every single thing. It was THICK on everything, and impossible to clean. Vacuums would clog, rags would get thick. It just took time. And WIND – to blow it off cars and siding and freshly painted trim, etc. So, I thought of that when I saw this tree, and went “hehehehe…” not to laugh at the new owners, but with them. There’s definitely a price for that oak tree energy (and worth it a million times over).

Speaking of things to make you sneeze, I was in the studio today, making cards:

…and I saw Kevin’s pastels, sitting there in two drawers. Beautiful. Inspiring. I don’t draw/paint, but I sure wanted to – you?

and they were so beautiful, that I put them on the floor in the sun and took yet another picture in a ROYGBIV kinda way; click on it, to make it big:

And maybe it’s just spring, being herself, invoking every last little half dead thing to get up and dance, but I am feeling more INSPIRED than ever lately. How about YOU?

~ by kbosin on April 20, 2011.

One Response to “Aaaaaaa-CHOOOO!”

  1. Aother tree that will make your green truck yellow are pinesssss.
    I love Spring!

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