Week in pictures – end of April – Talbot County

What a glorious week here – the marsh is greening from the bottom up – each day we see more. Turtles are crossing roads everywhere and the sounds of nature deepen and increase each day. Windows are open, breezes blowing through the house as I pack up the household. Again. More on that later, but I’ve included a sneak peek at our new backyard view. It’s been a grand week, and here are some images – from fresh tomatoes to a sleeping horse, all is well in my part of Talbot County. The pleasure of celebrating a birthday dinner with Michelle & Eric, (Jesse, Conner and Jack) an afternoon at the farm with food and wine, walks with Zoe, (a cat trapped in the body of a sweet dog), and marshy, salty air. Terrific week. Spring in full swing.

~ by kbosin on April 26, 2011.

5 Responses to “Week in pictures – end of April – Talbot County”

  1. What lovely photos – so glad to find a fellow Blogger in our region who appreciates the area as much as I do! Truly the Land of Pleasant Living. I’ll be back to enjoy more.

  2. Great pix, as usual. What do you mean by “a cat trapped in the body of a sweet dog?” What cat traits does Zoe have? Seriously, would really enjoying hearing more on this 🙂

    • Ah! Well, Zoe is a large, eight year old black lab. Her personality is, well……invisible. She’s basically invisible. Like a cat. She stayed with us for the better part of last week, and now again this week too, and it’s as though she’s not even here. She doesn’t clamor for attention, for food, for walks, for anything. She’ll eat when you feed her, and seems grateful. She likes attention, but never solicits it. She’s more like a cat than most cats I know. Throw a stick? Fine, but she’s certainly not going to go GET it. And her spirit is solid – it doesn’t feel like she’s sick or depressed or anything – this is just who she is, as verified by her owners, our friends. Zoe is one cool cucumber. She’s always welcome here.

  3. Welcome Eastern Babe! I was delighted to find another blogger here too! Love your stuff. I put a link to your blog on my blogroll. See you around!

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