Local farmer’s markets in Talbot County – St. Michaels FRESHFARM Market


Consider this a sister post to our blogging neighbor to the north (www.theeasternbay.com) who published a list of farmer’s markets in Queen Ann and Kent County yesterday. It’s certainly farmer’s market time – ours opened two weeks ago, and a great idea to remind people about the ones around here. We have four main farmer’s markets in Talbot County, two in Easton, one in Oxford and one in St. Michaels. I did one post about the Amish Country Market in December – https://chesapeakejournal.wordpress.com/2010/12/05/eastons-amish-farmers-market/ – and at least one about Easton Market Square last September – https://chesapeakejournal.wordpress.com/2010/09/25/theres-something-for-everybody-at-easton-market-square/

You can expect to see updates about these two markets soon – with fresh images and new stuff. I’ll also start visiting the Oxford Farmer’s Market once each month too, so expect to see it here.

But, I’ll start with what I think has to be the absolute prettiest little farmer’s market in America – the St. Michaels FRESHFARM Market.  FRESHFARM Markets operates 11 distinct neighborhood markets around the broader area (DC), with a mission to “promote local food with a face, a place, and a taste in the Chesapeake Bay region.”  This one has been held on Saturday mornings from 8:30 till 11:30 since 1998 in charming Muskrat Park, overlooking the St. Michaels harbor. The park was newly renovated last year, and offers a gazebo, a winding walk, and old cannons that were used to shoot at the British way back when St. Michaels outsmarted the British Navy in 1813. There’s a great place to sit, dangle your feet above the water, and watch sailboats go by. If you’re coming from Delmarva, take Rt 33 straight into St. Michaels – Muskrat Park is at Willow and Green St., one block off Talbot St.  This market always has something special going on – master gardeners and other community organizations offer workshops and advice, and local chefs prepare delicious and nutritious dishes. This market has great vendors (incredible cheeses, yogurt and breads!),  a loyal customer base, and a super friendly chat-with-your-neighbors feel to the place. You can find more information about the St. Michaels FRESHFARM market right here: http://www.freshfarmmarkets.org/markets/st_michaels.html


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  1. […] and fall to experience local foods. Annual November bonfires, spring planting, summer picnics, St. Michaels FRESHFARM market fundraisers, pig roasts, egg packing and the home of Carol’s CSA. Thursdays, CSA shareholders […]

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