Welcome back tourists – it’s Winefest weekend!

The tourists come dribbling back to our little town, a few more each weekend biking through the streets, shopping, eating. I watch more boats each week coming in on trailers – from large yachts to kayaks and canoes. Summer fun tiptoes back onto our peninsula, and traffic picks up.

This weekend is St. Michaels Winefest, and all week I’ve watched shopkeepers ready their properties. Marco’s brought in some 20 new outdoor tables. St. Michaels town workers are tidying the streets and alleys. I’ll be volunteering some time this weekend at the Eastern Shore Brewery, so c’mon by to visit and have some oysters.

And we’ll prepare for our daily drives to slow down. Someone once mentioned to me that I live on the “wrong” side of St. Michaels (meaning that I have to drive through the tourist traffic every day to get in and out. And I’d just like to reiterate – there IS no “wrong” side of St. Michaels. Every single side around here is a good one. I’m glad to see the tourists, it reminds me how lucky I am to live here each day and not have to get in the car, sit in bridge traffic and go back to a grind in the city or the ‘burbs. I’m glad they’re here relaxing and enjoying our little world, and glad that they’ve brought all that money with them to inject into our local economy. Bring it on…..it’s been a long and quiet winter around here.

~ by kbosin on April 29, 2011.

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