Green garlic-radish butter – a Pot Pie Farm specialty

~ by kbosin on May 3, 2011.

6 Responses to “Green garlic-radish butter – a Pot Pie Farm specialty”

  1. I would have never thought to make green garlic radish butter, but it looks DE-LISH! I never even heard of green garlic; it looks like green onion I guess.

    • Green garlic is terrific. Plant an extra row of cloves in fall, and harvest it as green garlic in spring, and then by fall the rest of the cloves will have formed heads and can be harvested. It is a lot like spring onions, delicious, lighter flavor than regular garlic. Harvesting it is especially wonderful, because you smell it as it comes out of the ground. Talk about earthy!

  2. How much butter to green garlic to radishes? Sounds yummy.

  3. OMG, Ed would push aside his own mother to get at that! most haste to pot pie farm!

    • I’ll bring you some! The only problem with it is that you tend to eat a whole loaf of crunchy bread at once. I suppose that’s what they call a “good” problem.

  4. […] Recipe sharing, pickle and jam making, watermelon and tomato juicing and that fabulous and green garlic radish butter making – all whirled together in a whooshing memory of […]

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