So, this morning, I googled: ” a person who moves a lot”.’s reply: “Peripatetic (walking about) is sometimes used to mean changing location frequently. A person who cannot sit still is called a jitterbug.”

Well, “peripatetic” sounds like “very pathetic”, which doesn’t apply. And I don’t jitterbug.

-photo of modern nomads in the Gobi desert taken from OD’s APWH – Final “Back In Time” Project – found on Google, used without permission – if you’ve got a problem, let me know and I’ll remove it.

But nomadic……..sounds familiar. This move, from Mayberry to a hamlet just 5.6 miles away, marks our 15th in 28 years. And we spent 12 of those 28 in one house. I think we are a little nomadic – when we were into camping, we ALWAYS had to find the perfect campsite (privacy and on the water, no matter where it was), and would schlepp our stuff from campsite to campsite in the national forest, because we just HAD to.

But in the last 5 years – 5 moves:

2006 – from the house on the Mississippi River bluff…….to the storefront in the old monument company (yes, tombstones) in the urban neighborhood of Soulard, home of Anheuser Busch, with all the Clydesdales just down the street. It was so old that a queen box spring couldn’t fit in the opening to the second floor, but you could squish the mattress through. Complete with resident ghost.

2007 – from the storefront to the stable behind the old monument company that was scary when we bought it……Built as a livery stable, it was a welding shop for some 25 years, then empty for a long time. (When the tenants in this building got frightened back in 2004, we knew we had to do something about the ghost.) Very urban, on a high traffic corner with interstate cloverleaf traffic whizzing all around.

2008 – from the loud, whizzing stable to the quiet, estate caretaker’s farmhouse on the Miles River, with a month stay at my sister’s and 3 months in a cottage on the estate. Talk about a change!

2010 – from the farmhouse to Claiborne. And I was “Clai-borne again”, I am not kidding about that. You know I love Mayberry. And I cried for weeks when we were deciding to leave.

Tomorrow – from Claiborne to the new place, just 5.6 miles down the road.

Pros – of all this moving? Well, life doesn’t get boring, that’s for sure.

Cons? Do I care that I don’t feel “settled”? A little bit. But I also envision a few more good moves in me, so – maybe I am partly nomadic. I do like changing it up.

I hope the next move after this one is to a place on the Miles river, with a nice big waterview. Or better yet – a sunset water view. Or if my heart breaks from missing Mayberry, we’ll just turn around and come back here and spend the rest of forever in this little town, that’ll be fine with me. But until then, I think I’m going to like our new little camp – in Bozman, just 5.6 miles away.

Bring it on!
Oh, and all I’ll say about the ghost is yes, there are people who can help with that, yes, he left, and my number one rule – DON’T MESS WITH THEM.

~ by kbosin on May 5, 2011.

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