A quiet morning on Harris Creek

…with the blue heron that lives at the dock here at the bitter end of the cove. A full night of rain, soft and steady, is clearing now, around 7:30am. The air hangs heavy and the birdsong is rich – new sounds here. The first couple of nights I was awakened by a screech-owl around midnight – OMG! I almost called 911. I had no idea what was going on out there. Bloodcurdling, is what it was. Kevin assured me that it was just a screech-owl, in the tree by the bedroom. “oh GREAT”, I thought……”I love this new place already”. But as the days go by and we get used to all of the new changes – new house, new community, no Jesse – we slowly settle in. I do love the heron and the egrets on the cove, a place for oysters and cages, and I can imagine it all as a fresh start. A fresh start is always a good thing.

~ by kbosin on May 15, 2011.

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