“You’re going to do WHAT in 800 square feet?”

…asked my neighbor. We do have big plans for this little building, this tiny old general store, slowly turning into the “work” part of our “live/work” here in Bozman. Here it is, one open 820 square foot room:

Cute little building. And here is the list of functions that this little building has to cover:

1 – shop-tools-saws-cutting things-making things-messy stinky stuff

2 – bikes-fishing gear, serve as garage – hold lawnmowers, etc.

3 – Kevin’s print collection – storage and space for viewing prints

4 – K&K studio – drawing-creating-printmaking-project space-photos

5 – Johnny Oyster Seed Eastern Shore headquarters and factory

6 – office for Fishing Creek and for me

7 – lounge/hang out/someday guest space?

Guess what’s gotta go? The stinky lawnmower stuff, huh? Agreed. We shall see. If I’m smart, I’ll just quietly unpack and move things in without getting into all that. Some tip toeing will be done around all this in the next weeks. Stay tuned.

Moving IS fun. Really.

~ by kbosin on May 16, 2011.

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