counting out oysters

…….46,47,48,49,50….100….150……200……250……300…….500 young cultchless oysters.

Storms off the east coast have pushed water up the Bay and brought us super high tides for a solid week now. I am up early today for a presentation in Easton, and I am so glad that I loaded up oysters last night at dusk, rather than go out there this morning, because I’d be knee-deep in water and mud by the time I got to the dock – check it out:

A beautiful morning, for sure. The blue heron swoops over the cove, “GRAAAKKK” and the songbirds are in chorus mode. We’ve had perfectly cool temperatures and the long days are sweet. I’m going to milk these spring days for all they’ve got – being sure to get in lots of long walks and staying outside as much as I can.

~ by kbosin on May 18, 2011.

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  1. What’s your new address?? So I can find you on Google Earth

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