The Inaugural Elf Classic Yacht Race


I dropped Kevin off this morning at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum to spend the next two days on Elf, the 1888 classic racing yacht owned by his pal, Captain Rick Carrion and the Classic Yacht Restoration League. Kevin is crazy about this boat, and within minutes of stepping aboard today, he grabbed a rag and started cleaning her. He got up around 5 this morning. This is going to be an exciting weekend.

The Inaugural Elf Classic Yacht Race begins tomorrow morning at the Eastport Yacht Club in historic Annapolis, which is perhaps the most charming seaport town on the coast, and also Maryland’s capital city. What a place, Annapolis. And Eastport is the neighborhood you’d want if you lived in Annapolis. Picture perfect.

This race is created in the style of the 1880s, and features a nautical version of a “Le Mans start”. Captains will row to their vessels in Annapolis harbor from the Eastport Yacht Club in a race to be the first to raise anchors, sails and get underway. The race across the Chesapeake Bay to St. Michaels should take some 5 – 6 hours, depending on wind. The Captains will finish the race by anchoring off the Museum and rowing to shore to sign the race log at the Bandstand on the Maritime Museum grounds. And oh yeah, I will certainly be there to watch that, camera in hand. 

As usual, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum was gorgeous this morning. There’s always so much to see.

So, for the next 48 hours, Kevin will be following his bliss – sailing on Elf to Annapolis, hanging out at Eastport Yacht Club, working and racing all day tomorrow. Wow.

The last thing he said to me as I left him there this morning? “Hey Kath? Pinch me.”


~ by kbosin on May 20, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Inaugural Elf Classic Yacht Race”

  1. WOW! SO happy for Kev … can’t wait to hear about the rest of the adventure.

  2. MY, what a big….prow you have.

  3. yeah, that would be the boom. Big one. Watch out.

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