Great local tacos – Big Owl Tiki Bar on Kent Island

I love tacos. I continue to discover new good places all the time – and I’ll tell you about them all (La Placita, Taqueria La Mixta, etc.) but today’s top taco goes to the Big Owl Tiki Bar for its fish tacos with fresh grouper.

We stopped for a quick lunch at the Big Owl Tiki Bar on Kent Island the other day, and the fish tacos were delicious! I love places like this, on the water, cheap and accessible, never a production, always fun. Note to self – next time you’re traveling and hungry, stop for a beer and some tacos! YUM.

~ by kbosin on May 27, 2011.

3 Responses to “Great local tacos – Big Owl Tiki Bar on Kent Island”

  1. From one taco lover to another, let me just say “yum!”

  2. Kathy, hubs & I were just at the Big Owl Sunday! Unfortunately we did not try the fish tacos, but will certainly do so given your rave reviews. Love that place! Thanks for your comments on my Claiborne post on The Eastern Bay blog. What a small world. I really would like to know more about that town, but information online is pretty scant. I’ll be sure to email you directly using your info in “Contact” so we can be in touch.

  3. Thanks for showing us the coolest local places to eat! I am going to have to try this one 🙂

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