Of all the zillions of possible boat names…….


We’re striving? On our sailboat? On the weekends? Wow.

Boat names are an endlessly fascinating thing, because just when you thought you’ve seen them all – you haven’t. Here’s a good one.

…good because it makes you go “hmmmm….if only WHAT?” Here’s another good one I saw a few weeks ago:

I like it because one would expect the owner of this boat to be anything but.

Here’s one that’s terrific, for obvious reasons:

Here’s a shot of our sailboat on the Mississippi River – we got the boat for 500 bucks. Kevin and Mark painted her name on the side for the Governor’s Cup race, which was a psychological trick, because all the other competitors kept their fancy sailboats FAR AWAY from this boat – which ended up winning first place!

Her previous name was – no kidding – “Lil Ducky”. What???? What kind of a name is THAT for a 27 foot sailboat??? Two years and $22,000 later, she got a fancy version in gold paint on the stern. Only, however, after I lost the vote to spell Old Blue “Ol’ Blew”, which I thought was clever, but Kevin and all our friends voted against it.

Kevin did a great job on the boat though – here’s a link to the Pearson Renegade page that has all the photos of the renovation. http://www.renegade27.org/88/88.html  I asked him the other day if he missed the boat (he sold it last summer) and he said “absolutely NOT”.  There is truth to the old saying that the best days of a boat owner’s life are the day you buy it, and the day you sell it.

~ by kbosin on May 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Of all the zillions of possible boat names…….”

  1. LOVE all the boat names & pictures. One of the most memorable boats in our fleet was called “Yankee Clipper.” Tame enough, until the skipper raised his giant navy blue spinnaker emblazoned with 20 foot white New York Yankees emblem. Reactions included “has anyone told him he is sailing in Maryland, on the Chesapeake Bay?” and he was commonly referred to by other skippers as “Yankee F&%$#@.” I too have participated in Gov Cup, and can only imagine the reaction to Olde Blue! I type “LOL” an awful lot, but when I saw that picture I really did laugh out loud. Hey, “sailboat name as pun” is a respected tradition! I agree wholeheartedly, she should have been “Ol’ Blew.”

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