Welcome June!

How on earth could May be over? The loveliest month. May, month of possibilities – ANYTHING is possible in May. Any garden plan, no matter how outrageous, always seems like a great idea in May……before things get hot and overgrown. Before the arugula bolts and lettuce turns bitter. Before the mosquitos appear, and chigger bites. Before the wilt and rot set in. A person might start training for a marathon in May (maybe). Before it gets too hot….

But ahhhh, June! You, fun month of vacations and lightning bugs! You, who hold the longest days of the year, the last day of school and popsicles. Drinking iced tea under the shade of the oak, playing badminton and riding bikes at dusk – June, you’re the month I’ve always loved most.  With June bugs buzzing around like miniature Volkswagens, banging into the porch screens. And even now, you’re my favorite. I’ll drink you in, June. I’ll take advantage of every long day and spend as many moments as I can outside, smelling you and feeling you. June, holding the last full month of my 49th year……I’ve no sad feelings about turning 50 – only great ones. I love this time of my life.

Here’s how you looked this morning, June. Flat water, a few swirls of minnows. Dew on the grass and recital of the mockingbird. I’m expecting a great month!

Come on in, June. Let’s do it.

~ by kbosin on June 1, 2011.

One Response to “Welcome June!”

  1. Love this! me, I like September – the heat is winding down, school starts with all the excitement butit’s still nice enough to go for a bike ride after work, the fall flowers are my favorties…October is nice, too. then there’s April…

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