Pot Pie Farm CSA share – my “piece of the pie” on 6-4-11

I stopped by Pot Pie Farm yesterday for a visit and to pick up my CSA share. What a great afternoon! I always love visiting Pot Pie Farm and of course, hanging out with Carol Bean is one of my favorite things to do – ever.

So – what’d I get? take a look!

YUM. What all is in there, you ask? Well….. there’s a bag of lettuce mix, a bunch of garlic scapes, a dozen large eggs, a pint of lavender sugar, a bunch of very sweet carrots, swiss chard, a bunch of green onions, a little bag of arugula microgreens (zing!) and a bouquet garni (rosemary, sage, cilantro, marjoram, oregano, thyme and dill). My plans for this?

Well, I’ll certainly start with a frittata with the chard, onions and eggs. The carrots are so sweet that they’ll be a lunch in themselves. I’ve got a couple of salads in there, including one arugula microgreen salad that will sit on top of tomato slices. I chopped up half of one garlic scape and put it on my butter to whirl last night’s sweet corn in – YUM. And I’ll use the lavender sugar for strawberries and maybe I’ll make some shortbread with it too – like shortbread cookies.

Thanks, Carol! See you again next week!

Here’s my garlic scape corn butter……..and o YEA, it was good…

~ by kbosin on June 4, 2011.

6 Responses to “Pot Pie Farm CSA share – my “piece of the pie” on 6-4-11”

  1. Oh that just looks amazing! Wish I could be a CSA member!

  2. I can see the quality from here! And remember, you *are* what you eat.

    Great job, Carol!

  3. Thanks Kathy…the feeling is mutual!

  4. I have been wanting to participate in a CSA for some time now, and information on the web can be scant – thanks for posting! Do you know of a CSA for poultry in the area?

    • You know, I don’t, Amanda, but I will gladly ask around. Elizabeth Beggins did a series on CSAs – maybe she knows. Stay tuned.

  5. […] FRESHFARM market fundraisers, pig roasts, egg packing and the home of Carol’s CSA. Thursdays, CSA shareholders trickle in and out, arriving to share the bounty (and now the loss) of the small […]

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