breakfast at Leeward Market in Eastport, Annapolis

I suppose I’m telling this story backwards, starting with breakfast in Annapolis, but….whatever. Kevin, Zip and I took a trip from Tilghman Island to Annapolis with Pete on Saturday afternoon, who moved his 38 ft Chris-Craft cabin cruiser to an Eastport harbor for the summer, where he’ll live for a few months. How’s that for a fun idea – single bachelor moves onto a boat for the summer in a fun Annapolis neighborhood?

More on the trip later, but I woke yesterday on the boat, hungry, thinking about how I’d love a bagel with lox and cream cheese for breakfast. Pete showed up five minutes later with a menu from a local corner eatery. Yep, bagels and lox. We took a walk there – maybe two blocks away.

I LOVE walking around urban neighborhoods, especially when we’re on our way to get food. Eastport is so cool, the neighborhood I always gravitate to when in Annapolis. And it’s funny, because many of my Eastern Shore neighbors came from this area – and all left decades ago because it was getting crowded way back then. It is crowded, no question. But also super fun with lots to see.

Eastport’s real estate is eclectic, old and EXPENSIVE for what you get – with lots of historic houses leaning a few degrees too far on one side or another. But it’s all about location. Parking is tight, and bikes are everywhere. Little bars and groceries, restaurants and parks, and waterviews line three sides of this neighborhood. A sign at a small waterfront park tells the story of Back Creek, which was an African-American neighborhood where oysters were central in living and in work for generations. And in fact, when I looked online for more information about this, I found an excellent article in Chesapeake Life about Eastport – read it here –

We walked a few blocks to Leeward Market – and had a great little breakfast. We sat outside, drank more than two cups of coffee, and chatted with locals. It was a great morning. I love places like this! And I found this online, about Leeward Market from our friends at Bay Weekly – Market Owner Lisa Park saw me taking photos, and asked if I’d LIKE the market on Facebook.  You bet, Lisa – I do, and I sure will!

~ by kbosin on June 6, 2011.

One Response to “breakfast at Leeward Market in Eastport, Annapolis”

  1. Leeward Market is a sailor’s favorite, probably because they open so early (6:30am M-F)! One of the boats we crew on sails out of Eastport, so I’ve been there many times for an early morning cuppa Joe, always greeted with a smile. Great feature & awesome pics!

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