Introducing King Solomon Oysters – “A Wise Decision”

We went to Johnny Oyster Seed’s Ranch last week to pick up more Revolutions (TM) – and once again, were surprised by how much stuff Johnny has going on! Since we were there last, he has increased production of cultchless oysters in upwellers. He has a permit to grow oysters at his dock up to 1.5 inches – once they’re that big, he’ll put them on his barge and place them on his “lease-bottom” – underwater land that he’s leased from the State of Maryland for the purpose of aquaculture.

Here’s Johnny, standing on a row of simple cylinders filled with some 300,000 seed oysters. He is developing a brand called King Solomon (you might remember that King Solomon had boatloads of concubines and an appetite to match. They do say that oysters help you …ah…….love longer….) Sounds like good branding to me!

Johnny’s new brand, based on what we’ve seen so far – is sure to be a huge hit. Deep cups, thick, dense fleshy meat filled to the brim of the shell – just wait. Last winter, some of these oysters ended up on a cooking show because they were so handsome and delicious. You’re going to hear a LOT more about King Solomon Oysters!


And because of all of this new production of King Solomons, Johnny asked us to take over the “Revolution” end of his business – building and selling the buoyant oyster cultivation systems that he designed and which are rapidly becoming the system of choice for home oyster gardeners – whether growing for food or for restoration. Good thing we have that extra space at our new home in Bozman!

Whoa! here we go, folks!

~ by kbosin on June 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Introducing King Solomon Oysters – “A Wise Decision””

  1. Whozat handsome feller wearing the cap and orange shoes? His momma sure dresses him funny…

  2. King Solomon Oysters: “A Wise Decision”

    Thanks for the plug, Kathy!

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