First crab trapped at our dock

this year!

Here I am baiting the trap. I bought one new trap this year from Big Al’s in St. Michaels – the ones from 2009 were beat, and since the water here is so shallow, I needed a shorter trap to keep the crabs underwater. I bought some menhaden to use as bait.

So now, the routine is – get the crab keeper in the water, bait the trap each morning, check it at night – if there’s a crab in there, and it’s legal sized (5 inches wide – the size of a Coke can – till July 14, then it goes up a quarter inch) – dump it into the keeper, and remember to keep the caught ones fed!  So – one fish for the trap, one fish for the keeper. And it’s time for more bait! When we were on the estate, Kevin kept the freezer full of fish for bait. Until we get up to speed, I’ve gotta buy some. Commercial crabbers use razor clams or eel for bait.

Of course, it’s much more efficient to just go up the road to Chesapeake Landing – or PT Hambleton’s – and buy crabs from our local watermen to eat. I love the way Chesapeake Landing cooks them up and gives them to you in a box ($65 for half a bushel) – nice and spicy, ready to take to Claiborne Landing with a 6 pack, to pick, eat, drink and watch the sunset. But I’m making up for 28 years in the midwest, so I’m going to catch every single crab that comes near my dock (there are lots of ’em in there!) and eat them, even if I have to cook them two at a time.

Have I mentioned how much I love to eat crabs??? YUM!

~ by kbosin on June 15, 2011.

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