Crabcake ROUNDUP #3 – Suicide Bridge Restaurant – Secretary, MD

Kevin and I met my parents at the famous Suicide Bridge Restaurant yesterday, now that the crabs are in thick, to proceed with the Crabcake ROUNDUP. And I’ve gotta say – living near our families has turned out to be so wonderful – even three years into it, I’m surprised at how connected and settled I feel – with family all within a 3 hour drive. And my folks, right here on Delmarva! Wonderful!

So here’s the Suicide Bridge Restaurant – on the picturesque Choptank River.

Big place, plenty of room for tour buses, etc. This is a destination restaurant – you can spend the day here – they’ve got two big paddleboats taking people out on cruises. Today’s cruise was a crab feast – fun! But we didn’t take the boat, just had lunch and hung out.

So, let’s get this suicide stuff over with, huh? Yes, the bridge is named for the many people who used it to kill themselves. Both the backside of the menu AND “about us” on the restaurant’s website have detailed, lengthy descriptions of some of these suicides, including one with (gasp) blood on the dock (on the menu??? really?)

But hey  – everyone wants to know.

The current bridge is the 4th or 5th one built over the river, and although it seems most of the suicides began with the person shooting themself in the head (hungry yet?) and THEN jump/falling off the bridge, the actual bridge itself isn’t very impressive. In fact, with the exception of the possibility of a person cracking their skull on the bridge pilings, it’s hard to imagine this as a place you’d go to commit suicide (if you really intended to do it). It’s shorter than most high dives at public swimming pools.

And, since they brought this up (I didn’t), I’m reminded of a fascinating interview I once heard with a person who wrote a book about all of the people who jumped off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge and survived. Who knew? LOTS of people jumped and survived. But the fascinating part is that every single one of them, when interviewed afterwards, said that at the very moment that they were airborne, plummeting downward off the bridge – they regretted it. Every single one. And the social worker in me wishes that every single suicidal person in the world knew that fact.

Oh……. Wait…..

This is the Crabcake ROUNDUP!


Well, here’s the crabcake at Suicide Bridge Restaurant:

And here are our expert judge’s responses:

This crabcake was fantastic – just perfect, really. Well, perhaps it could have been bigger, any crabcake, no matter how big, could always be bigger – but it gets a TEN. Thick and spherical like I like ’em, shaped like a giant meatball, filled with big hunks of crab, tasty spices and not much else. Too round to eat as a sandwich unless you smashed it down, this was a knife and fork sandwich. And at the very end, when there were only a couple bites left – it still held together –

YUM. This is a crabcake worth driving for, friends. Absolutely delicious. Made me forget about the suicide stuff.

So afterwards, we hung around outside, watching crabbers come in and unload their bushels, taking them straight into the back door of the restaurant – can you get any fresher than that?

I was watching some barn swallows flying frantically around to feed their four chicks:

….when I heard Kevin shouting – whoa! What’s going on?

Somebody lost their crabs, and they were escaping all over the parking lot! Two guys, grabbing them, throwing them back into the bushel basket…..looking exhausted. And the crabs – last chance! Honestly, I had to cheer them on – “run for it! Go! Go!” And the crabs, fierce little creatures, fighting the guys off, last chance, flashing their giant big claws – “come on, you dirty rat… I’ll getcha!”

But of course, Goliath won this round. Nobody escaped.

Suicide Bridge Restaurant, site of our third Crabcake ROUNDUP. Great fun, delicious food. Here’s Dad, below:

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  1. Next time, get the Kool’s crab cake, you won’t be sorry!

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