On the air with George and John – “Senior Class” on WCTR – Chestertown

So, my neighbor George invited me to be on the radio show he co-hosts a few weeks back. It was fun, but now, after doing it, I know what I’ll do NEXT time he invites me. I’ll have MORE fun. I mean, look at these guys.

Silly me took it a little too seriously, and talk talk talked so much about Johnny Oyster Seed’s Revolutions and the Marylanders Grow Oysters Program, blah blah. They mostly just looked at me. In hindsight, I shoulda just joked around with them.

For instance, when John asked me about oysters changing sex (which they do), instead of saying “uhhhhhh……..I don’t really know anything about that…”, I SHOULD have come prepared with some jokes – shoulda gone something like this –

Me: “Hey John, did you know that oysters actually change sex a number of times throughout their life?”

John: “Wow. Really?”

Me: “Yeah.”…… and then I would have a funny punchline. Which I don’t, but you get the drift.

Or I coulda told this one –

What did the oyster say to her boyfriend? You never open up to me.

Or – Didja hear about the oyster who went to the disco? He pulled a mussel.

You know, this is a show for seniors. You can’t get too wild.

The radio show, “Senior Class”, hosted by John Jopling and George Ireland, is aimed toward seniors in Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties. They do public service announcements, tell stories, laugh a lot, do interviews and play music. We got to listen to some great Billie Holiday songs at the end. It was pretty fun to sit in the little studio with all the big microphones, though – and Keith pulls it all together and puts it out on the airwaves.

Thanks, guys!

~ by kbosin on June 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “On the air with George and John – “Senior Class” on WCTR – Chestertown”

  1. did you notice that one of the guys has on a rise up coffee original shirt???

    • Sure did! That’s George Ireland. He’s my neighbor, and is a BIG Rise Up Coffee fan and he also is a computer repair expert. In fact, Tim Cureton is the one who told me about George – and he has fixed my computer twice. Thanks George! We should get Mike and Kevin those shirts too.

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