Big pop-up storm last evening

…..that reminded me of living in the midwest. We were celebrating Pat’s birthday at Lowe’s Wharf, and got to watch it roll in…..and roll right on out. Later, I heard that it was pretty bad on Tilghman Island – trees down, other damage. Scary stuff.

~ by kbosin on June 18, 2011.

4 Responses to “Big pop-up storm last evening”

  1. Amazing pictures!

  2. Yeah, over here on the other side of the bay it was CRAZY! We were in the middle of our Friday Night Farmer’s Market when the sky blackened, then WOOSH – it was upon us. I high-tailed it to the nearby cafe (with LOTS of others) while the guys packed up the winery stuff, getting drenched and lashed by some fierce winds in the process. We heard a seriously loud BAM that caused us all to jump and in that instant the town went black. Since the cafe was no longer up and running, 2 of the cute young men who worked there dashed out and helped the guys close up outside. So nice of them, and that really speeded things along. Two little boys waited it out under the winery tent with their mom and one of them was really wailing. ‘Poor guy’, I thought, ‘He must be terrified!’ When it slowed down enough for them to join us in the cafe I found out he was only upset that his prized Pokemon card had gotten waterlogged.

  3. WOW – awesome photos! Were any twisters reported?

    • I think so – both Tilghman Island and Oxford had damaging winds and trees down, etc. From our perch at Lowe’s Wharf, we were watching it go over Tilghman Island, about 5 miles south of us. Wild!

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