Chiles + Mulberries = Delicious @ Pot Pie Farm

YUM. Pretty quick and easy to make – chile mulberry sauce, based on a similar version at our favorite cooking blog – 101 cookbooks by Heidi Swanson. Here’s a link to the recipe, and you might as well just get ready to save this blog to your favorites, because it is a WINNER –

Heidi Swanson recommends trying this sauce whisked into yogurt or oatmeal, poured onto pancakes or waffles, spritzed into sparkling water or simply slathered onto toast. Carol Bean streamed it over buckwheat crepes and made cool drinks. Here’s the syrup streamed into orange juice, with lime juice and a little tiny bit of tequila. Very tart and delicious! Summery.

My visit to Pot Pie Farm last week was about as great as ever. We walked around the farm, did a little harvesting, washed up and packed eggs and cut microgreens. The garden grows in leaps – onions are plump and yellowing, figs of all kinds are swelling up and the tomato plants are taller than I am.

Later, in the kitchen, we made green garlic butter and a garlic scape vinaigrette to go with the bitter red lettuce greens coming out of the garden now. Delicious. Also terrific on roasted potatoes, or grilled fish. Thick and green, sparky with that fresh spring garlic taste. Simple – olive oil, mustard, white balsamic, green garlic, salt and pepper. This and other homemade tasty treats are available Saturday mornings at the St. Michaels FRESHFARM Market, or by signing up for Pot Pie Farm’s CSA – call 410-829-1829. You’ll be glad you did!

~ by kbosin on June 21, 2011.

6 Responses to “Chiles + Mulberries = Delicious @ Pot Pie Farm”

  1. That sauce looks so GOOD! I wish I had some right now. I ‘m going to have to make some after this week’s Farmer’s Market. I’ll let you know how it turns out. And yes, I DID subscribe to the other blog, thanks!

  2. You’re the best. Somehow, when I read your blog and look at your photographs, I see Pot Pie in a new light. I don’t think I’m jaded but you have such a fresh and enthusiastic perspective (you?!) that it makes me grateful to be working and living here.

  3. Oh, this looks so wonderful … wish I was closer!

  4. […] ground, where many of us in this rural neck go in good  times and in bad, in winter, spring, summer and fall to experience local foods. Annual November bonfires, spring planting, summer picnics, St. […]

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