It’s not just the wheat harvest……’s BREAD.

The staff of life. The wheat is being harvested all over Delmarva, throughout Talbot County – each day I watch it moving downward toward Tilghman Island.  But I see more than wheat. It’s bread! Sustenance. What you dunk into rich egg-milk and turn into french toast. What you rip apart with your hands, hot, and eat in big gulpy chunks in Paris or Italy (or Philadelphia, or right here on Delmarva). The stuff your grandma used to make, whether it was flat and fried, or puffy and sweet. Perfect dunker, into creamy tomato soup. The kind that you slice thinly, grill into crostini, and spread with mashed fava beans, garlic and mint. Bread. The chewy kind, that tastes sour and yeasty, spongy, spread with thick butter and fresh honey. Or the kind with a hard dark crust on top. Or pumpernickel. Or those delicious loaves that the Village Market brings in from Hoboken, of all places.

How about the flatbreads, the kinds that people make over a fire, even tortillas? Or spongy, tasty Injera, from Africa, with the sour holes going through, sopping up a spicy lentil paste. The Earl of Sandwich, and the swirling, mixed-up tastes of a BLT made in summer with perfect tomato essence and bacon crunch. Grilled cheese. With ham and a little mustard. Torn up into pieces for a strata, hot and bubbling out of the oven. Or the dark brown plastic wrapped kind that gets shipped over from Sweden, with an expiration date of whenever – so sour that it preserves itself. Turned into a bagel – boiled, baked with garlic and salt, toasted and topped with nova salmon, onion and capers.

The kind Mont, Kirke, Daryl and Mike make, each a variation on the same New York Times No-Knead theme. Jimmy’s bread, of Magnolia bakery – who uses the wheat grown in his own family’s field, generation after generation, growing wheat here on Delmarva for food. Stretched into pizza dough – Oh! The pleasures of East Coast pizza again! The crunch of a thin and cornmeal covered crust. The last loaf left at Easton Farmer’s Market, last Saturday.

Yeah. It’s more than just a wheat harvest. O yea.

~ by kbosin on June 22, 2011.

10 Responses to “It’s not just the wheat harvest……’s BREAD.”

  1. LOVE this piece, it’s Washington Post-ready! There goes my low-carb diet. 😉

  2. P.S. HOBOKEN? I’m originally a North Jersey girl. Just had to give a shout-out.

  3. How could you forget dunked in FONDUE?!?!?!?

    • Jenna, you are so right! Dipped and dunked in the traditional Christmas eve gruyere fondue that Lila makes, each year she wonders….” do we really need the kirsch?” Or the pizza fondue Judy made for Lindsey and Jenna for some twenty years till Lindsey started bringing her own pesto version to add to our family’s Holiday table. We like to walk to that Mexican market near the M’s house to get big but lightweight loaves for our fondue. A precious family tradition!!!! OK, now I’m REALLY getting hungry. Jenna, you’re the best!

  4. Also, communion wafers and matzos

  5. I believe some of your information is incorrect. The last picture is of a loaf of miche made by Against the Grain Bread Company, LLC, a bakery on High Street in Chestertown. They sell at the Easton Farmer’s Market (not to be confused with Easton Market Square) on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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