Horse and birds

Day One – Tuesday – I notice a handsome new spotted horse at Nancy’s Country Comfort Farm on 33, and a white egret at its feet. I sneak up a take a closer look at this striking duo.

Day Two – Wednesday – I drive by the field, and see the horse galloping along the fence, and today TWO white egrets are running behind, keeping pace. Whoa! By the time I pull over, turn around, get out of the car and get closer, they’ve reached the end of the field and are grazing. This horse must have something in its diet that’s attractive to the egrets who follow so closely, probably selecting that one specific nutrient from the horse’s waste – seeds, maybe?

Day Three – Thursday – I’m moved, as I drive by a third day, and see our team, sharing the evening breeze. The horse looks up again as I approach, but on this third day seems less curious about me as I visit.

I’ve driven by this field some four times a day since 2008, and until this horse arrived this week, have never seen this. Lovely, perfect match.

~ by kbosin on June 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “Horse and birds”

  1. I adore them! What a striking duo, and great pictures to boot. I have some spectacular egret shots you will enjoy on my camera right now – post to come next week. ‘Tis the season! 🙂

  2. That has to be the most beautiful horse I’ve ever seen 🙂 I love the egrets.. But that horse is my baby 🙂

  3. yes the Appy is a handsome guy…these Egrets are what we called Cow Birds in Oklahoma, they would hang around the cattle and sometimes sit on their backs and catch whatever was flying around…maybe they think all the spots are something to eat…lol…love the pic

    • That’s funny, Anna. My friends the Sewells told me just last week that those birds are actually eating bugs that the horses kick up from the soil, not seeds from their droppings as I had thought. Makes sense to me. Thanks for visiting!

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