Every drop of water in the Benton Fireman’s Parade…..

….[technically] ends up in the Chesapeake Bay. Even though Benton, Pennsylvania is a 5 hour drive straight north from here, the Chesapeake watershed is a VERY large watershed, reaching through PA and NY, West Virginia, parts of Virginia and all of Maryland. Reminding me, once again, of how connected we all are.

We had a glorious four-day weekend at our cabin on Fishing Creek and were lucky enough to be there for the Benton Fireman’s Parade! This is the biggest community water fight I’ve ever heard about. Fire companies from all over eastern PA come to the little mountain village of Benton, and let it rip. Townspeople stock up with supersoakers, hoses, and coolers full of water balloons, and everyone – including Grandma – expects to get wet.

Typically, the parade starts on time and within a block or two, the crowd starts throwing water balloons at the firetrucks and the firetrucks open up their big hoses and the water fight starts. It’s so fun, that by the time the trucks get to the end of the ten block town, they go around the block and do it all over again! How cool is that? This year, however, some must have made a fuss about the little kids not being able to participate, so the parade started with the firetrucks honking LOUDLY and tossing candy to the tykes lining the street for the first round through town. The little kids got the candy, and then the waterballoon fight started amongst the townspeople, from one side of the street to the other.

We waited forever for the firetrucks to come back through, with hoses out and blowing water everywhere, and watched the fun water balloon fight. But my gang decided to give up the waiting and go cook supper at the cabin. AARGH. But it was ok with me…….until as we were leaving, we saw the first firetrucks coming down the main street, blasting the crowd with water. I missed it, but I hope they went around THREE times this year. I suspect that the organizers wanted to stretch out the parade, give everyone a chance to participate before the great soaking began.

Great all American fun. This parade is so popular, that sometimes, they do it TWICE in one season. Now that’s community cooperation.

~ by kbosin on June 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “Every drop of water in the Benton Fireman’s Parade…..”

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! My kids would love that.

    • SO fun. We should do it here as a fundraiser for our local fire departments. In fact, every town should do this. Who doesn’t like a water fight? Let’s do it!

  2. Paradise

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