I woke with the sun today – make the most of July! – and took a walk down to the dock. I could hear the distant sound of a diesel engine, and the crackle of watermen on the radio, echoing off Harris Creek. The air was cool – 61 degrees – and the dew was almost cold on my ankles. 

Taking deep, delicious breaths of early morning air, gratitude bubbled forth. And appreciation for so much – health, Kevin, friends, family, community, the beauty of nature, all so abundant all around me.

Welcome, July.  And thank YOUniverse.

~ by kbosin on July 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “July!”

  1. I also woke with the sun today, determined also to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Nothing so picturesque to bring in my day, though it is beautiful to have such gorgeous sunny days in the middle of our Winter.

    • Thanks Ridgy! Having a friend in Australia always makes my winter days easier – I think of my pal Kate Patterson, sitting on Bondi Beach on those dark January days and I feel hope. Enjoy the sun today!

  2. Beautiful, and great attitude – Carpe Diem! Mallards everywhere! 🙂

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