4th of July

my favorite holiday!


watermelon – ice pops – creek swims – pig roasts – corn on the cob – long shady walks – firecrackers – parades – bicycles with streamers – hot spicy crabs – fishing with worms – fresh mint tea – hammocks in the shade – blueberries – lightning bugs – campfires – folding lawn chairs – community fireworks – bathing suits – chocolate malts with extra malt – beach towels hanging on the railings – flip-flops – sunburn – teak benches – skin-so-soft for skeeters – ding-donging in dinghys – outdoor showers – drinking from the hose – rockfish sandwiches – inner tubes by the creek – water balloons – boardwalks – angel food cake with peaches – soft serve ice cream – bike rides – blow-up rafts – sandy feet – limoncello – soft jazz – pickles – ketchup – mustard – buns – pots of petunias – old wooden boats – smell of fresh-cut grass – citronella candles out by the pool – big white coolers, filled with food – really, REALLY cold beer – red/white/blue streamers – cupcakes – the smell of chlorine – hot sandy beaches – dragging the kayak through the marsh – Cheetos – dolphins – screened-in porches……

….you know – stuff like that.

Hope everyone had fun!

~ by kbosin on July 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “4th of July”

  1. K, I love your “poetic list” posts, and this one is no exception. You paint quite a picture with those words. My favorite? Skin so soft for skeeters. That brought back some memories. Remember those conversations? “You mean that works for mosquitoes? I thought it was bath oil??” “Yeah, it is, but it’s the BEST to keep the mosquitoes away!” “Really?!? Okay, hand it over – I’ll try it!”

  2. Fantastic imagery, and great photo! A magical time of year indeed.

  3. I’m always behind on stuff…. as we all are….so just catching up on my last week’s subscriptions, and I love your blog! Always a refreshing post. And your 4th July photo was so different and unique, very nice. 🙂

    • Thanks, Donna, and I’m totally crazy about your opsrey journey – it’s like being there. Fantastic! So glad to share our love for this wonderful Chesapeake Bay!

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