Wild blackberries

….out back – LOTS of them – another terrific surprise at our new home! These are the tiny kind, not the giants that you see on every farm stand around here with the hard pit and big seeds.

I’ve been picking every other day this week – and so far have picked some 6 pints. Had some with loupe for breakfast yesterday:

And this morning, decided to make some wild blackberry jam. The Bozman church bells rang while I was picking them – seems I’m always outside when those church bells ring. And I whisper to myself – “Yup, THIS is church.” 

It’s a simple recipe – mash 7 cups of blackberries with the zest and juice of one orange and 6 cups of sugar. Slowly add one envelope of pectin and bring to a rolling boil for ten minutes.

Fill prepared jars and process in boiling water for ten minutes. Cool for 12 hours.

We ate some hot on top of our morning muffins – YES, good – and ended up with 9 pints. Given what’s out there on the bushes, we’ll have another batch or two of jam as well as some cobbler in the weeks ahead.

Who doesn’t love free fruit, just hanging there, waiting to be picked? There’s still plenty of blackberries left for the birds – way back behind where I don’t want to reach. Plenty for all of us. Thank Youniverse!

~ by kbosin on July 10, 2011.

6 Responses to “Wild blackberries”

  1. Oh my – I can taste them – they look so good. Used to do this with strawberries in the Spring.

  2. may I PLEASE have some jam for my birthday????

  3. Hmmm. How about Christmas presents? That jam looks as good as gold.

  4. What a great posting…thanks for sharing!

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