If you’ve got to have a burger and fries….

….which I do every couple of months, you might as well go to Carpenter Street Saloon in St. Michaels. But I can’t eat the whole thing in one setting – that’s definitely too much. 8 bucks. Can’t beat it.

Of course there are plenty of other great burgers around here, but you gotta love Carpenter Street Saloon – every single person who comes through St. Michaels, at one time or another, ends up at C-Street. You might as well go and hang out a little bit – you never know who you’ll meet – people from all over the world come in on sailboats, vacation rentals, whatever.

And because it’s a small town tavern and grill, not so different from so many others in waterfront towns all over the world, there’s a feeling you get in there, like…….”hmmmm……….it feels like I’ve been in here before.”

~ by kbosin on July 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “If you’ve got to have a burger and fries….”

  1. Looks good – but I’d rather have crabcakes.

  2. Great old saloon, been there many times for breakfast, lunch, or just a cold beer. You’re right, we’ve met real cool people there from all over the world. Hmmmm….I also remember leaving at closing a few times over the years and making our way back to the boat…. 🙂 Good times!

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